Sunday, 27 March 2011

20 Reasons why you should not drink with people who have cameras

I can't believe one of them is sober enough to take this photo

I wonder if she was able to make the call before passing out

We all know one girl like this

Every university party has a casualtie


I bet her best friend thought this one up

it just keeps getting worse

Never pass out around engineers

Guys i'm too drunk to drive so how am i getting home?

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends

Is he drunk? or concussed from the toilet breaking?

Time to invest in some more higher quality chairs 

some times sleep is more important than self  respect

No its kool guys as long as I have my pillows I can sleep anywhere

Never pass out around fine art students

The shoes have to go some where

I would have thought the inside to be more comfortable

Enjoying the great outdoors

That first step is going to suck

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